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John, Manifestation Magic Creator

“My investment got me 3893 clicks and $2459 USD in sales.”

I purchased a package for an e-mail drop on the 3rd of August to my freegift. It was my first time testing this traffic channel so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This wasn’t a solo-ad but had a 100 character adspace on the emails to their list. After seeing the results in 2 days, I was little blown away when I immediately got back was a positive ROI.

My investment got me 3893 clicks and $2459 USD in sales. That was a positive ROI for this spend. I acquired CPL at a profit which is rare. Basically I got leads for free and made money. The quality of the clicks were very high 90%+ T1’s. I will be back for more as this is a gem. I highly recommend this traffic.

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