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Lisa Garza

I always looked forward to reading them especially if I was feeling down or confused and it never failed, something you'd say would always give me something to think about positive about how I felt or was going thru at that time and moment. Thank you dear friend Sophia.

about 6 months ago
Sandy Ross

Without your higher minded readings I had no one else to validate my journey. Thank you so much Sofia for your friendship and all the very best for your future.I lived the Earth year of the dog or dingo in my case.It made me aware if my year ahead and it was spot on.

about 6 months ago
Becca Shear

The lover, as I was reading the paragraph or whatever that tells about me it was like the most spot on thing I have ever read from a personality quiz.

about 2 months ago
Melanie Donnahoe

have the Sage personality. This reading was frighteningly accurate.

about a month ago
Anna McLaughlin

Thank you it hit me right on the head it's like you know who I am.

about a month ago